Friday, April 1, 2016

Blog Hop #3:  BALC  Reveal........YAY!
Welcome to the culmination of our Build a Line Challenge class!!  It's been three months in the making, and I'm so happy to be here to show you my prototype line of  jewelry.  I have had so much fun, and learned so much these last three months, and I am so looking forward to debuting the jewelry that I have worked hard on this last three months.
We were tasked with creating at least 5 pieces of jewelry that spoke the same voice.  My inspiration was the beautiful, ornate iron fences we found on our trip to St. Petersburg, Russia in 2012.    I had taken pictures of three very different iron fences that we came across, which can be found in my previous posts.  I am using only one for this initial endeavor.  Maybe  the other two will make an appearance later???
Here's a few more pictures from that trip:  


....and yes, this is the real thing!
I only have about 600 more pictures of this trip!!!!!  But instead, I will show you........
 "Rustic Grace"
Each of our prototype lines of jewelry were to include items from BSue's four-level pricing pyramid. 
 The first level is the $25 and under range, which might include items like this: 
Simple rustic cameo necklace with patina

Rustic 30x40mm cameo ring

Rustic cameo brooch with darkened silver patina
Rustic cameo brooch with blue patina

Items from the $25 - $50.00 price range might include:

Simple rustic bracelet

Rustic cameo earrings

Rustic darkened silver brooch 

Simple rustic necklace with blue patina

Tulip bead earrings with patina
Tulip bead earrings with darkened silver patina
Simple rustic necklace with darkened silver patina


Items from the $50 - $125 price range:

Rustic  necklace with cameo, tulip beads, and beaded chain (bronze)

Rustic  necklace with cameo, tulip beads, and beaded chain (copper)

Rustic bracelet with cameo and bead dangles

And lastly, items from the $125 plus price range.  At this time, I have not created any items in this price range. 
All of these items will be for sale in my etsy shop within the next few days.
As mentioned on previous posts, this challenge was sponsored and taught by Brenda Sue Lansdowne of, where you get "the good stuff".   I first came across Brenda a little over a year ago on YouTube.  I was browsing, looking at jewelry tutorials, when I came across a couple of wacky ladies named B'Sue and Donna.  They were showing their viewers a jewelry technique, which one I can't remember.  But what I do remember is that I thought they were pretty wacky.  On closer inspection, I discovered that B'Sue had well over a hundred tutorials on technique, colorization, responsible repurposing, you name it.  It is because of B'Sue's videos and her support and the support of the B'Sue Boutiques Creative Group on facebook that I am where I am today:  building a line of jewelry and learning to build a brand.  She has not only taught me what I know, but has given me the courage to 'get out there'.

Addie says, "Please check out my grandma's Etsy shop at and like her facebook page, and check this blog often to continue to follow her journey.  She would love to hear what you think, and hopes that you visit the other participants below.  Oh, and the first picture at the top of this post, that's the "Lady in the Window".  A sub-line????  Maybe.  My head is spinning.

(Check out the sandals!!!)

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