Thursday, September 29, 2016

The "WHAT IFS" of Making Jewelry

Has it been 6 months since I last posted???  Let me just say that I have thought about it, wanted to do it, made up my mind that I was gonna do it, but just couldn't find the time.  And, what would I talk about anyway?  When I read posts from other jewelry makers, it seems to come so easy to them!  WHAT IF I post, and no-one is interested?

Since I last posted, my husband retired, I up and quit my fairly secure well paying job with great benefits and we packed up and moved across the country into the unknown.  At sixty-something this is not an easy task.  And if you think finding a job at 62 (me) is easy to do in a city of young well-educated people, think again!  Anyway, after 2 months, I landed a temporary job with no benefits.  Affordable health care, here I come!  A little birdie sometimes twitters in my consciousness that maybe we made a mistake?  Here's the reason we moved......what do you think?


Of course over the last 2 months, jewelry making has taken a back seat to finding a job and a place to live.  But I see the light at the end of the tunnel, and am starting to make again.  It gives me joy.  But WHAT IF my jewelry isn't good enough?  And, WHAT IF people don't want to buy it?  These are all thoughts that are counter-productive, but sometimes manage to worm their way into my feeble brain.  Onward and upward I say!  I banish thee, you bad bad thoughts, and never shall you darken my door again!

Anyhoo, you can click on the etsy badge on this page to take a look, or you can click here:  You can also find me at Southern Charm in the Cary Towne Center in Cary, NC.